Barlings Beach Circuit

Saturday 24 October 2020

Photos courtesy of Helen, Erika and Philip

Meeting at Barlings Beach, thirteen walkers headed inland along Bevian Rd, keen to see how the bush was recovering from the fires, whilst sighting an echidna, a camel, various birds and dodging heavy vehicles en route to Rosedale Beach. The cool ocean breeze was a welcome relief as we wandered along the beaches and rock platforms to Blacks Beach for morning tea and a quick swim.

The sky was beginning to look menacing as we reached Guerrilla Bay and the views on the beautiful cliff top section from Burrewarra Point through to Franks Beach were dramatically grey and punctuated by brief light showers. Wildflowers were still highlighting the path through the banksias as we picked up the pace towards Franks Beach where we decided to skip lunch and finish the walk before the showers turned to rain.

Back at the cars and feeling well exercised by our 15 km hike we had no sooner said our thanks to Brian for a most enjoyable day than the sky began to clear again, briefly, just as forecast!