Bartleys and Punt Arms, Durras Lake and Ocean

Sunday 10 September 2017

Photos by Carol and Karen M

With winter blowing a soft retreat, 16 walkers set out for the Bartleys and Punt arms of Durras Lake on a 13 km walk. It was a lovely sunny day and a welcome break from the windy conditions of the last few weeks.

The walk took in parts of the National Park and followed along old working sites in the timber-getting history of the area, at times following the remains of old tram lines used to move timber around the area. Although many of the old tracks are now overgrown with hop bush and wattle, the walkers pushed through for morning tea and lunch alongside the lake on the Punt Arm. The final part of the walk took us through to Beagle Bay, ending with a pretty walk along the coast and back to where we left our cars on the old Benandra Road in South Durras.