Bermagui Paddle Camp

Friday 2 – Monday 5 December 2016

Photos by Mary and Karen M

15  paddling bushwalkers met at Bermagui last weekend for 2 days of kayaking on Wallaga Lake and the Bermagui River.

Our campsite at Regatta Point is on the shore of Wallaga Lake, so we didn’t have to go far to launch on Saturday morning.  Our first paddle was across Wallaga Lake towards the ever looming Gulaga and into Dignams Creek, returning via the northern shoreline to the bridge and into the estuary leading to the opening of the lake to the sea.  Along the way we spotted many middens and 2 huge sea eagle nests.

After lunch a smaller group crossed the lake again to explore Narira Creek as far as Black Lagoon.

Photos by Lin, Mary and Karen M

On Sunday, we drove into Bermagui and launched into the Bermagui River.  We had a following tide all the way upstream, exiting the river into Nutleys Creek.  We were finally stopped by a big log jam across the creek, so paddled back to the junction to have lunch on a shady beach and wait for the tide to turn for our return journey.

Many thanks to our Camp Co-ordinator Ian for planning the weekend and overseeing the expeditions.  Bermagui is so close, yet most of us hadn’t been there since our last Bushwalker Camp 8 years ago, and Regatta Point is a wonderful base for both paddling and walking.

Karen M