Bolaro Mountain and Hanns Road

Wednesday 19 June 2019

Photos by Amanda and Helen

There was frost in the air as twelve bushwalkers set out early from Batemans Bay to traverse the top ridge of Bolaro Mountain south-west of Nelligen. And there was real frost on the grass where we parked the cars near the Bolaro Homestead on Haans Road deep in the Buckenbowra State Forest.

The early climb to the north along the Bolaro Mountain Fire trail was rewarded by magnificently clear views from the summit ridge. To the North Pigeon House and The Castle were clearly visible, and the Ocean sparkled to the East. Although the forest in the area has been logged, there remain magnificent specimens of White Mountain Ash among the mossy covered granite boulders that outcrop beside the track. In other areas large Burrawangs flourished and, although they were heard calling, the Lyre Birds and Black Cockatoos proved elusive. However, the lucky drivers on the car shuffle did spot one frightened lyrebird scrambling off the road. Bush tucker was provided by wild raspberries (Rubus Rosifolia) spotted beside the track, while lower down the slopes stinging trees beside the track warned the walkers off straying too far into the forests.

The route down followed an old convict constructed track, which once linked with the Corn Trail to act as the key route for grain transport grains from the productive Buckenbowra farming area to the goldfields around Braidwood. After a long descent, the walk ended with a pleasant tramp through pastures in the valley, where a herd of lively Herefords seemed to expect us to deliver feed. By mid-afternoon, when the walk ended, the frosts had melted and everyone was tired and warm after their fifteen kilometre trek through beautiful forest bush. Everyone agreed there could be no better way to pass a clear winter day.