Carters Creek and Wallaby Road

Wednesday 4 July 2018

By Helen, Mary and Phillip

Excitedly, 11 walkers took on the challenge of a walk in overgrown country at Carters Creek in the Currowan State Forest, 12 kilometres along the Western Distributor Rd. This was the first time the club has had the walk on the program for a long while. It was marked out by Len in 2004.

The first part of the walk was along a dense logging track to Shifting Plot Creek, climbing steadily through recently burned out areas until reaching Wallaby Road for a well earned morning tea break. With some in the group hoping forlornly the last of the uphill walking was behind them, the leader pressed cheerfully on along Wallaby Road until the full 200 metre climb over the length of the walk was done. There was the usual encouragement of the group to get up the last big hill before the next one, providing them with a valuable lesson on the confidence a person should place in the enthusiasm of a walk leader. As Rob was trying helpfully to clear the Wallaby Road of some recent debris, he almost managed to accompany the debris down the hill when the edge of the road gave way under his feet. He managed to stay with the group only due to a well placed stump he was left to cling to!

With lunch over the group started down toward Carters Creek with a couple of walkers tumbling part of the way thanks to lots of debris on what was left of the track.

Finally, the group reached the beauty of the creek where they made their way back to the welcome sight of the cars. All in all a great days out with tremendous variety in country being walked and great company, to share a classic bushwalking experience. This is a great walk for the younger and fitter newcomers who want to experience the joy of bushwalking.