Mines Near Nerrigundah

Wednesday 5 June 2019

Photos by Ian, Barry, Helen & Karen

Twelve Batemans Bay Bushwalkers had a trip out to Nerrigundah in the week to take a walk around the historical sites.

Alluvial gold was found in the area during the 1860’s, starting a gold rush. The short return walk to Coman’s mine, which was opened in the 1880’s, did not disappoint us with plenty of relics to investigate including the impressive stamper battery, tram line rails and other artefacts.

After donning our head torches, our leader Barry took us to investigate a nearby mine tunnel and we “enjoyed” close encounters with the resident microbats.

After lunch on Mount Coman we carefully checked out several mine shafts nearby. As we returned to the forest road Ian taught how to distinguish various species of tree and a sleeping python was spotted in the afternoon sunshine.

To complete the history lesson, we convoyed with a logging truck to Nerrigundah CBD to view the memorial to Miles O’Grady, the policeman who lost his life to the Clark Gang bushrangers during their robbery spree in April 1886, and then on to the site of the Chinese pig roast oven.

Thanks for an excellent informative day out.



Guerilla Bay to Rosedale Circuit

Sunday 2 June 2109

Photos by Carol & Karen

17 keen bushwalkers set out to to do this lovely walk on a sunny Sunday morning. Starting at Burrewarra Point we walked through the amazing banksias and Port Jackson pines, stopping along the way to look at the concrete Nissan Hut used by the Australian Airforce during World War 2. Lots of lovely viewing spots looking north on the way to the Lighthouse and Trig Point, and after rounding the point, more views to the south to Mt Dromedary on the far horizon.

Leaving the coastline behind us, we wandered behind the houses and headed down to the beach. Guerrilla Bay was quite a sight with lots of turbulent water. Added to our adventure was some rock scrambling and a enjoyable stop at Nudies Beach. Nuns Beach was another lovely secluded cove and a great place to see how far we had come around the coastline from the Lighthouse.

Some more rock scrambling as we passed by Jimmys Island on the way to Rosedale Beach. Leaving Rosedale at the southern end of the beach we headed up the steps to get a closer look at the Nuns Retreat. There are some lovely properties in this area including our very own Fiona Lodge (a retreat for people suffering terminal illness and their families). Back down onto the beach for our lunch stop . One last wander through the bush enjoying this beautiful coast and retracing our steps that will lead us back to Guerilla Bay.

Thank you to you all for coming – it was great to meet some people we hadn’t met before and to catch up with those that we hadn’t seen for awhile. Thanks also to Karen for your guidance and support. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.



Depot Beach to Pebbly Beach

Thursday 30 May 2019

Photos by Erika & Philip

The morning greeted us with calm and sunny weather, nothing like the previous few windy days.

From the start at Depot Beach carpark our large group walked a short distance up Depot Beach Road before turning onto a rough bush track. After walking about 600m uphill through the bush we emerged onto Parkview Road, a good gravel road which we followed through the forest to the junction with Mount Agony Road.

Turning onto Mount Agony Road we followed it all the way down to Pebbly Beach, where we took the opportunity to stop for morning tea and take in the tranquil scene. As we walked onto the beach after morning tea we were approached by a large group of kangaroos looking for an easy snack. Clearly there are many visitors to the beach who ignore the “do not feed the animals” signs.

Heading south along the beach we soon came to the extensive rock platforms and the pebbly section of beach that gives Pebbly Beach its name. Having coordinated the walk with low tide we were able to enjoy the often hidden beauty of the water sculptured rocks, crevices and clear pools.

Our meander along the beach and rock platforms soon lead us back to Depot Beach, where we finished the walk with lunch at a picnic table overlooking the sea.

Erika & Philip


Monga Rainforests

Saturday 25 May 2019

Photos by Ian, Simon & Karen

Ian led eight Batemans Bay Bushwalkers to a rarely visited and difficult to access part of Monga National Park rainforest. The 8.5 km walk took members through areas of White Ash forest, where long strands of bark shed by these trees meshed together with bracken, fallen branches and thorny vines to make progress very slow.

The effort was rewarded when the forest floor opened out to reveal a lower canopy thick with tree ferns, rocks and logs covered by mosses, ferns and fungi.  All of this, towered over by huge Pinkwood trees and Brown Barrel eucalypts.

The  walkers found that most body parts ached at the end of the day, but the magical memories will linger long after the pain has subsided.



10 Pin Bowling Social Event

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Photos by Donna

Our social event this quarter was an afternoon in Ulladulla.  First up, lunch at the Ex Servos Club, followed by a couple of hours of 10 Pin Bowling at the Dunn Lewis Centre, who also put on coffee and cake after the games.

28 members brushed up their bowling skills, some for the first time ever.  It’s an easy game to learn, helped enormously by the first class facilities and electronic scoring boards at the Ulladulla venue.

Thanks to Elizabeth and the Social Committee for a fun afternoon.



Deua National Park Fire Trails

Sunday 19 May 2019

Photos by Helen & Karen

Eight walkers joined Donna for a circuit on good fire trails in the Deua National Park.  Conditions were ideal for this walk which consisted of some very steep hills.  Donna, being the thoughtful leader  that she is, ensured that the steep hills were at the beginning of the walk and that it was all downhill after lunch, well mostly downhill!  Simeon was the only male, but he performed his duties as custodian of the harem impeccably, not one harem member was lost, injured or attacked by a Yowie the whole time.

Along the walk there were many excellent examples of Sydney Red Gum and some lovely flowering Deua Grevilleas.  At the conclusion of the walk, most participants attended Karen M’s house for a delicious afternoon tea.  Donna was very grateful to Karen for doing this as a little inducement ensured that a nice amount of people turned up for the walk.  Oh, and custodian of the harem enjoyed a lovely drop of Bob M’s home brew. Thanks Mr and Mrs M.



Firehut Road, West Murramarang Forest Circuit

Thursday 16 May 2019

Photos by Donna

This was a very pleasant walk led by Pat through a small section of the western side of Murramarang National Park on May 16, that 13 people participated in.

The walk began and finished back on Fire Hut Road.    Beautiful old, very tall and majestic spotted gums were a highlight of the day and these were interspersed with iron bark trees plus cabbage tree palms along now-dry creek beds.

The variety of bird calls heard along the way also contributed to a very pleasant Autumn walk.



Shoalhaven River Paddling Camp

Sunday 5 – Friday 10 May 2019

Photos by Erika, Philip & Karen

Thirteen paddlers made camp at the North Nowra Ski Park overlooking the Shoalhaven River for 4 days of paddling some of the many Shoalhaven waterways.

Day 1: An 18 km trip from camp upstream on the Shoalhaven River to Calymea Creek near Bamarang Reservoir.  This involved a fairly lengthy car shuffle, but the towering sandstone cliffs lining the river made the effort worthwhile.  Excellent paddling weather.

Day 2:  Drove north through Berry to Wharf Road and the launch spot on Broughton Creek.  Paddled upstream to where the creek forks into 2 arms and explored both.  Returned to launch spot and drove back to Berry for lunch.

Day 3:  Paddled downstream from camp, under the highway bridge to Bomaderry Creek.  Joined the remainder of the group who chose to launch at the boat ramp in Bomaderry Lions Park off Bolong Road.  Paddled Bomaderry Creek upstream.  Very windy conditions.  Returned to Bomaderry Lions Park boat ramp.

Day 4: Paddled downstream from camp to Nowra Creek and explored the main creek and its tributary.  There is also a walk on both sides of the creek called Ben’s Walk.

Then paddled back upstream past camp to explore Cabbage Tree Creek opposite the zoo.  This creek ends in a spectacular rock amphitheatre.  Paddled back to camp and more jaffles around the fire.

Thanks again to Ian for organising the camp paddle program and logistics, and the evening campfires.



Wasp Head to North Head

Saturday 11 May 2019

On a bright Saturday morning ten members and two energetic visitors gathered at the Wasp Head car park for what must be one of the most beautiful walks in the Murramarang National Park. The forecast had predicted heavy seas but the outlook across Emily Miller Beach was placid. The Beach is named after a wrecked ship and the rocky headlands between all the beaches on this walk attest to the dangers for early shipping. The walk passed across seven named beaches but there are other rocky and often dramatic small coves in between. After the climb out of Emily Miller we descended to the ominously named Dark Beach (but only named for the colour of the sand), then up again and down to Myrtle, with its rocky platform to cross and grassy backdrop.

Photos by Christine & Karen

On all the ridge tops the stunted gums evidenced the fierce and chilly southerly winds that cross the ridges. That did not seem to stunt the ancient burrawangs, however, and our off-track sections had us pushing our way through these unfriendly natives with their knife-like leaves. Up again and down to Richmond Beach. By now the wind was rising and the waves were getting up. These south-facing beaches were catching the rising wind  the sea was no longer enticing for a lunchtime dip. A quick drop down to Little Oaky Beach, across two dry creek gullies and then down to Oaky Beach proper for lunch, close to a native bee nest embedded under one of the cliffs.

After a sunny lunch, footpaths became the order of the day, passing Honeysuckle Beach and providing a civilized end to our walk to the North Head camp site. A splendid walk, with lovely clifftop views along the coastline, on a beautiful day.



Moruya’s Other Granite Quarry

Wednesday 8 May 2019

Photos by Donna

Bushwalkers visted Louttit’s Quarry on another perfect winter day for being outdoors.  This granite quarry on the south side of Moruya River produced the lathe turned granite columns for some of the grandest buildings in Sydney, including the GPO, Queen Victoria Buildings, Customs House, St Mary’s Cathedral and for the statues of Captain Cook, Queen Victoria and the Centotaph, among others.

The walk was nearly all off track and we are grateful to Bob for leading this excursion and relating the story of this largely forgotten piece of our local history.