Clyde River Shoreline

Wednesday 2 March 2016

Photos by Karen M

Batemans Bay Bushwalkers stayed close to home on Wednesday and explored the peninsula that juts into the Clyde River off Rotary Drive.  Much of the area is called Clyde River National Park and 7 members walked a 10km loop, along the shoreline at low tide, around the swamp, up the creek, into the forest and back to the start at the top of the ridge.  The views across the Clyde River on a still morning with its oyster leases, mangroves and forested banks are beautiful and walkers took many short breaks to absorb the peaceful scene around them.

The second part of the walk was mostly no track, but by following the margin of the swamp, then the creeklines, they were able to ascend the ridge and follow a long abandoned and overgrown trail back to the start – along the way spotting a pair of glossy black cockatoos with their fiery red tails perched directly overhead.

On the drive home, they stopped at Holmes Lookout in the National Park to cool down in the shade and enjoy the amazing view of Batemans Bay, the bridge, the river and offshore islands.  Many thanks to Rob for guiding us on this one.

Karen M