Coles Creek Caves

Sunday 2 April 2017

Photos by Mary T


The walk on Sunday was to the Coles Creek area led by Dennis assisted by Nancy. 8 club members set out in mild conditions for the drive north of Milton. Once we left the cars the track into the creek area deteriorated rather badly and the first point of interest was a large sinkhole right in the middle of the track. We all agreed that with crumbling sides, driving a vehicle any further would have been very foolish.

We soon left the relative comfort of the forest road to bash our way along and through the vegetation above the creek to the second area of interest, a good sized overhang of rocks, an ideal spot to shelter had it been raining

We continued along the same contour lines to a pleasant rocky spot overlooking the flowing creek where lunch was eaten. After consultation with the map it was decided that our return to the car would be possible by crossing the creek and climbing a fairly gentle incline to the track where our cars were parked.

Thank you Dennis for another interesting club walk.

By Mary T