Corn Trail

Sunday 13 November 2016


Photos by Amanda

Thirteen walkers turned up to walk the 14 km of The Corn Trail, 10 BBBW members and three guests.

Using a “passenger trains” and “freight trains” analogy helped explain to participants how the car shuffle was to work – well, sort of. We unceremoniously dumped most of our walkers on the Kings Highway for an hour while we shuffled 4wds into the car park on No Name Mountain Road. Upon returning and feathers smoothed again, we proceeded to the top of the mountain for a start.

The walk was straight forward, leaving the Dasyurus picnic area on the Mongarlowe River in Monga National Park around 10am. Now being used by horse riders, the track was quite open and uncomplicated. As we proceeded over the escarpment the westerly wind picked up and even down in the valley it was still quite blustery.

A late lunch, and drinking water, on the Buckenbowra River was welcomed. After enjoying some small patches of rainforest in this section, including a flowering Orange Blossom orchid, we slowly slugged it out to the waiting cars, arriving at 4.30pm.

Lucky we put a chainsaw in the back of the car because the strong winds knocked a tree barrier over the road. Dispatching of that, many turned for home while a few of us finished the car shuffle, arriving in Batemans Bay at 6.30pm.

Six and a half hours of walking, four hours of car shuffling. And we just might have some new members joining up!

Ian B