Cullendulla Crossing

Thursday 8 March 2018

Photos by Brian and Joan

On a classic Autumn morning, nine walkers set off from Maloney’s Beach for an 11 kms stroll back to the car park. Our route took us along both Maloney’s and Long Beach, where after morning tea we climbed a path which linked us into the circuit track around Square Head. Remarkably, despite being very close to town, there is some lovely forest here, as well as beautiful views, which constantly appear between the trees.

This walk requires the crossing of Cullendulla Creek and there was anticipation in the group, as well as some trepidation, about the practicalities of doing this.

The walk leader’s cryptic, non-committal answers did little to inspire confidence.

“One or two of you may get washed away by the current, but most should make it across,” he said.

On arrival at the designated crossing point, most fears were dispelled at the sight of smooth, clear water, with just a gentle incoming tide. With all gear packed away in plastic bags, we set off in single file and waded across without incident.

Indeed, the water was so inviting that once we reached the other bank everyone went straight back in for an extended swim. The river afforded a very pleasant, shady area to have lunch, before we set out on the final leg, around the boardwalk and back to town.