Cullendulla Nature Reserve

Wednesday 31 August 2016

Photos by Karen M

This was the last day of winter and perfect for the group of 13 led by Joan through Cullendulla Nature Reserve.  The track wanders through Spotted Gum bushland with expansive views north of Long Beach and comes to the end of the clifftop of Square Head.  After admiring the view the group followed the track along the top of Cullendulla Creek to the area where steps lead down to the sandy foreshore for morning tea and views across to Batehaven.

The walk then followed a track along the edge of the tidal creek at low tide which gave the opportunity of Bob T noticing resting marks in the moist sand from flathead and stingrays which were of great interest.  Further along the shoreline, the beginning of an area of Casuarina trees is where the Rat’s Tail Orchid (Dendrobium Teretifolia) begin to be noticed growing and flowering at various heights on the Casuarina tree trunks.  The abundance of these orchids in this area this year is truly amazing, the best year ever, and all were overawed at this wonderful display of these tiny cream coloured orchids in such profusion – August is their prime time.

The track wanders along the creek foreshore to the end area of an open space known as the Cullendulla Aboriginal midden which has many layers of shellfood deposits from the past.  Lunch was enjoyed beside the creek at a pleasant small clearing and then the return walk to the Nature Reserve car park finished an exploration of this most enjoyable part of our coast.