Currowan Creek and Peachtree Gully

Sunday 3 June 2018

Photos by Barry, Karen and Mary

With a cold, showery, miserable Saturday, we were delighted to find the sun shining over the hills on Sunday. Seven bushwalkers set off down the long hill to Currowan Creek, through a stretch of forest that had clearly been logged recently. In the bottom of the valley beside the Creek the scenery changes dramatically, with damp forest sprinkled with Sydney Blue Gums, where Lyrebirds can be heard calling, but are seldom seen. Fortunately the Creek was low after a dry spell and it was easily crossed with dry feet.

Then the group took the long hill up Peach Tree Gully Road to the ridge top, traversed the ridge and then descended along a slowly disappearing track back towards the Creek. Slowly the forest thickened and the understorey built up until finally the group were slipping and sliding down through bush with deep leaf litter and rotting tree trunks to the Gully, which they then followed over and under fallen trees and tangling vines until eventually the muddy group reached Currowan Creek again. Then they followed the Creek Eastwards, crossed it upstream from the ford and wandered along the sandy, stony flat covered in flood debris to the original ford where they enjoyed lunch. Then back up the long two kilometre hill to the parked vehicles.

All in all, we enjoyed a good day out on a bushwalk that offers everything.