Deep Creek Dam Circuit

Thursday 29 April 2021

Photos courtesy of Philip and Erika

We started out from Deep Creek Dam carpark on a clockwise circuit on the mountain bike tracks that follow the ridges around Deep Creek Dam catchment. For most of the walk the dam was not visible, since the tracks skirt the ridges some distance from the dam itself.

The well maintained bike tracks provided us with a winding and undulating, single file, trail through the bush. The bushfire devastated country around the dam is slowly recovering and most areas along the walk were covered with a dense regrowth of understorey plants, probably boosted by recent rains.

Every now and then we came across an intriguing sculpture beside the track.

About half way through the walk we turned off the bike track and headed down Burnt Ridge Road South to the dam edge, where we paused for morning tea. It was a sunny, windstill autumn morning and the dam looked quite beautiful with reeds along the shoreline and trees reflecting in the smooth water.

After morning tea we walked back up to the bike track and continued on the circuit. Several more sculptures were encountered along the way, as well as a couple of bike riders and two men cutting back vegetation along the sides of the track.

At walks end we crossed the dam wall and arrived  back at our starting point, Deep Creek Dam carpark.