Deep Creek Dam to Tomaga River

Sunday 25 September 2016

Photos by Karen M

This walk was led by Mark and numbered 20 participants. The departure point was at the intersection of the Ridge Road and Dog Trap Road. Weather conditions ideal, about 21 degrees. We followed Dog Trap for a while then branched out to view a portion of the Deep Creek with great reflections.  Then back up to a fire trail, which morphed into bike tracks, and eventually into a splendid wandering bush track, with not too much up and down portions.

Several specimens of spring wild flowers were seen: banksia, wattles and hardenbergia. The low points near the Tomaga River were damp after recent rains, but easily negotiable. Great performances by native birds, especially the whip bird.

The walk ended shortly before 1 pm. Total distance travelled about 10 km.

John M