Depot Beach to Pebbly Beach

Thursday 30 May 2019

Photos by Erika & Philip

The morning greeted us with calm and sunny weather, nothing like the previous few windy days.

From the start at Depot Beach carpark our large group walked a short distance up Depot Beach Road before turning onto a rough bush track. After walking about 600m uphill through the bush we emerged onto Parkview Road, a good gravel road which we followed through the forest to the junction with Mount Agony Road.

Turning onto Mount Agony Road we followed it all the way down to Pebbly Beach, where we took the opportunity to stop for morning tea and take in the tranquil scene. As we walked onto the beach after morning tea we were approached by a large group of kangaroos looking for an easy snack. Clearly there are many visitors to the beach who ignore the “do not feed the animals” signs.

Heading south along the beach we soon came to the extensive rock platforms and the pebbly section of beach that gives Pebbly Beach its name. Having coordinated the walk with low tide we were able to enjoy the often hidden beauty of the water sculptured rocks, crevices and clear pools.

Our meander along the beach and rock platforms soon lead us back to Depot Beach, where we finished the walk with lunch at a picnic table overlooking the sea.

Erika & Philip