Deua River and Pinkwood Creek

Sunday 6 March 2016

Photos by Bob T

Though the forecast maximum temperature for the day was high, in the upper Deua River and Pinkwood Creek, the air was in the low 20’s and the water in the mid teens – perfect for our excursion.  As we walked and waded, the cascades chuckled, the brook babbled, the Spinebills trilled, and gentle showers of Pinkwood petals fell silently, decorating the rocks like confetti, and forming carpets in the pools.

Beauty was revealed at every turn and we marvelled at the landscape, surrounded by trees of all sizes and shapes, logs of former giants lay about, and the tree ferns added their texture to the scenery.  We saw numerous small yabbies, rich chestnut brown to emulate rotting leaves and bright stones in the pools, as they crawled on the bottom or scooted through the water.  Our fears of teeming leeches were unfounded, as the recent heatwave had forced them to hide, and only a few found us.

As we discussed the walk at the end, we agreed that it is one of our best, and a fine example of mountain watercourses.

Bob T