Dreaming Track – Congo to Tuross One way

Saturday 13 April 2019

Photos by Donna, Erika, Helen, Mary and Philip

On a perfect autumn day, with our transport arranged for us (thanks Karen) and no need to car shuffle, Mary led a group of seven walkers on the full length (13.6km) of the Dreaming Track from Congo to Tuross.

Traditionally over thousands of years, the Brinja-Yuin people used this route, linking their campsites, sites for ceremony and trading, fresh water and plentiful food sources. The area is rich in archaeological sites.

We were not disappointed, beautiful picnic spots at Meringo headland and Coila Lake, amazing sea scapes, pristine beaches, an abundance of large fungi, shady wooded areas and plenty of bird life on the lagoons and lakes.

There may not have been any hills, but the soft sand and good pace ensured good use of our muscles!

However, the highlight of the walk, was the show a pod of dolphin put on for us near Grey Rocks. 10 dolphins surfing a clear blue wave close to the shore right in front of us. All of us with cameras in hand, we had to have got the shot!