Exploring the Deua above Pinkwood Creek

Saturday 3 March 2018

Photos by leader Bob

Numerous times when passing the junction on our usual circuit of the Deua River & Pinkwood Creek, the allure and mystery beckoning from the upper Deua has created a desire to explore it.

Five daring souls set out to do that, by driving up Little Sugarloaf Road and turning into the Pinkwood Creek track behind Hanging Mountain. A short way along the track, we descended to Pinkwood Creek near the junction, then proceeded up the Deua.

We found the Pinkwoods in bloom, along with the magical environs of a mountain creek; dappled light falling on moss-covered rocks and gnarly old trees, orchids & ferns, all decorated with Pinkwood petals, & serenaded by urgently burbling cascades, dashing into their long journey to the sea.

After some time journeying through this wonderland, we stopped for lunch & a strategy meeting. Having some concerns for the various factors of fatigue & time, the leader examined our position and felt an orderly retreat was appropriate.

While crossing the stream to discuss the proposed escape route with his companions, he stumbled and dropped his GPS into the swiftly flowing stream. By going to the furthest likely point and working back upstream through the torrents, using hands and fingers like the bill of a platypus, he found a remarkable number of river pebbles about the size & shape of a GPS.

After removing many of these, he came up with the GPS, and felt considerable relief. New route agreed, we bush-bashed a bee-line back to our entry point on the Pinkwood. The climb out, with the afternoon sun on our backs, was enervating as we toiled up the slope, needing many rests & drink stops, until we reached the track, and the cars, with mixed feelings of exhaustion, elation & satisfaction.  All agreed that we deserved ablutions & celebrations.