Golden Gully

Saturday 17 September 2016

Photos by Mary and Carol

We were warned about the hills before the walk, and yes, it was true, we had a good 10-11kms work out on Saturday!

Nine walkers enjoyed the Golden Gully walk in the state forest near Hawdons Road in Moruya, on good tracks with filtered views of the beautiful Moruya hills on a fine day.

We were looking for spring flowers which made an appearance near the end of the walk with flowering shrubs and climbers including some lovely bushes of pink Boronia.

Golden Gully, Tulip and Turnip Roads were followed by “I Ridge” and “F Ridge” roads when the imagination for road names had run dry. (There was some discussion about what the F might have stood for in F Ridge road….it was pretty steep!)

Native bees were a topic of conversation and many were seen including a wild hive high in a the stump of a spotted gum tree branch. Thousands were swarming around the entrance and it was the noise of humming that brought our attention to them.

Thanks for a lovely walk, Mary.