Guerilla Bay to Rosedale Circuit

Thursday 20 August 2020

Photos courtesy of Barry

20 walkers (perfect COVID19 group size) enjoyed a very pleasant 9km hike around Guerilla Bay and Rosedale. The weather was very kind to us with sunshine and light winds. With so many walks cancelled due to poor weather this group was keen to get out and enjoy the landscape and catchup with hiking friends. This a great hike to experience the variety of landscape features of our local area. The walk started at Burrewarra Point with clear views at the headland, south to Gulaga.

Heading north into Guerilla Bay we hiked through tall spotted gum forests, along the clifftops and down onto the beaches. We then sneaked around the headlands on the rock platforms on a well timed low tide to end up at South Rosedale and a view of Jimmies Island. There are a myriad of small bays and secluded beaches in this section of the coast some of which are inaccessible and others I’m sure the locals consider their own.

The hike finished just as noisy as it started with some very happy walkers all 1.5m apart chatting away. Well done to our walk leader Barry for a very enjoyable day.