Ian’s Other Waterfall

Sunday 21 April 2019

Photos by Erika, Mary and Philip

David led 5 club members to the site of an unnamed waterfall on a tributary in the area of Quart Pot Creek. The drive to our start was through pretty forest, and rough dirt roads necessitating the crossing of 12 ‘creeks’ all of which had varying levels of running water.

We started with an immediate launch into the forest and a bush bash up a dry creek bed. We soon came upon the creek tributary where the waterfall was situated. The creek although by no means flowing all the way through contained sufficient water for small water holes to form around which we found round holes that we believe were made by the yabby.

Features of the area are large boulders, rocks and tree trunks covered in bright green moss. The moss while pretty on the trunks of tree is treacherous under foot requiring careful negotiating for the day. As we worked our way up the creek we came upon spent orchids and birds-nest ferns. As on other recent walks there was a display of interesting fungi.

After much rock scrambling, some rock climbing and having to take to higher ground to find a way around deeper water we reached the 15m waterfall where some water was falling. David then led us up above the waterfall so that we could look down into the canyon below. There was a choice of lunch site, on the side of the hill in the sun or down near the creek in shade. Leeches were in good supply so the party split up evenly. Those of us already having had a close encounter with these hitch hikers opted for the sun, while the rest walked down to enjoy the last of the creek.

A good paced walk out to the cars along the fire trail, complete with obligatory black snake; completed a great day in the local bush. Thank you David.