Ironbark Range, East of Nelligen

Wednesday 22 November 2017

Photo by Bob T

With detailed precision, our leader Valerie placed the cars for the separate start & finish points, and we set off along old Sproxton Road.

Conversations soon ignited, with topics wide-ranging as usual, punctuated by observations of rare, unusual or feral plants.  Animals make themselves scarce, as the “many-footed mumble bug” creates a wave of chatter that warns them well in advance of us.

As we progressed over hill & dale, descriptions of the “ups” varied from “cheeky” to “serious” and one was labelled “obnoxious”.   Refreshed by drink stops as the day warmed, morning tea & lunch passed, and we were on the last leg along Old Nelligen Road, when a pleasant surprise met us.

Only a few days earlier Valerie had driven past the area, hoping to find a grove of Blueberry Ash in flower, but not so. However, this day we found them bursting their buds into the delicate pale flowers, which reminded us of ballerina skirts.

On returning to Valerie’s car, we soon enjoyed the “bush cuppa” Valerie had promised’ along with an array of cake & slices that Bev had made.   A delightful way to end a walk.

Bob T