Kellys Mine Bimbimbie

Thursday 9 August 2018

Photos by Brian and Helen

Brian let 14 walkers on a very pleasant hike into the Mogo State forest west of Bimbimbie. The weather was kind with warm temperatures and no wind which had not been the norm for the region the previous week. This area was logged in recent years and still shows signs of the tracks and fallen tree debris. Still, the walk gave us plenty of forest and interesting granite rock outcrops to admire. Brian pointed out some interesting comb structures at the entrance to a small cave which on closer inspection proved to be a wasp nest that we judiciously avoided.

The highlight feature of this walk was Kellys Mine, an old abandoned gold mine last worked in the 1920’s. The Park Service is obviously very keen to keep vehicles away from the old mine as they have dug 7 pits and berms along the track to the mine. The mine itself still showed evidence of its previous activity with trolley tracks and rusting crusher equipment. The mine entrance is protected by a fence as it now houses a colony of endangered bent-wing bats.

All in all an interesting days walk close to Mogo and easy to access.