Kellys Mine

Sunday 8 May 2016

Photos by Karen M

Despite ominously clouded skies, Geoff & Elizabeth bravely accepted the conditions and the company of 11 other members to lead their walk into the forest west of Mogo.

Serenaded at times by the chatter of Rainbow Lorikeets, and possibly some Swift Parrots, (I’m sure I heard 21) we marched through the hills until we reached the area of old gold mines in Mogo State Forest.  As there have been people cutting away the heavy barriers on mines, which protect both resident bats, and people from the risks of entering old mines, the access road to Kellys mine now has numerous earth barriers and logs blocking vehicle access.    Nimble Bushwalkers, we were undeterred, and enjoyed our lunch break at Kellys mine.

After lunch for us and some leeches, we set off through the lovely forest along the creek, and found a beautifully woven bird nest, which we thought may have been made by a Scrub Wren.  However, while later trying to identify the species, I was bewildered by the many possibilities, and will retreat behind the conviction that it was the nest of an LBB (Little Brown Bird).

We then enjoyed the relatively short walk back to the cars, having only had to suffer light drizzle at morning tea and lunchtime, there being little of it as we walked.

Bob T