Kioloa Coast, Mountain and Forest

Wednesday 8 November 2017

Photos by Brian, Carol, Denise and Mary T

Batemans Bay Bushwalkers headed north to Kioloa village mid week for further exploration of the walking tracks in the area.  Newly emerged cicadas were deafening as the group made its way through the forest and across the lower slopes of Durras Mountain, emerging at Pretty Beach.  The stretch of coast between Pretty Beach and Kioloa is dramatic with tall sheer cliffs and rock platforms and we lingered at the many viewpoints along the way.  We enjoyed watching a young yellow tail cockatoo practising his perching on a lone swaying twig, and came across a flowering native cymbidium snake orchid beside the track.  We surprised a couple of salt licking kangaroos on the rocks at O’Hara Head before settling down to watch the big swell crashing on the shore below at lunch.

After the heavy rains the coastal creeks had been flushed into the ocean and were now looking much healthier.  A very scenic 11 km circuit.

Karen M