Little Dromedary

Sunday 6 September 2020


Photos courtesy of Rob, Tom, Karen, Erika and Philip

11 hikers enjoyed a pleasant hike to Little Dromedary in sunny weather conditions. We started the walk at Sherringham farm and were met by the owner at her cottage. She appreciated the fact that the Bay Bushwalkers contacted her for permission to hike across her farm to Little Dromedary. She said that a lot of people have been turning up and crossing her farm to visit the mountain with no consideration for the fact that it is private property.

The Eurobodalla Shire has been active in spraying the persistent Lantana problem on the Mountain. The track winds its way through a forest of dead lantana up to 2m high. The view from the summit of Little Dromedary is quite spectacular and you get full 360 views west to Gulaga, north to Narooma, south to Bermagui and east down across the dairy farms to the coast.

Retracing our path we headed past Sherringham Farm along a dirt road to the coast. We had a standoff with a herd of dairy cows coming up the road who were being moved from one paddock to another. We stared at each other for a few minutes out of respect until the bull stepped forward and led the cows through the open gate into the paddock.

Lunch was on the beach with a great view across Little Lake up to Gulaga.