Lunch and Trivia Afternoon

Wednesday 30 August 2017

Photo Bob M

Instead of a bushwalk this week, 30 of us turned up at Malua Bay Bowling Club for lunch in the restaurant followed by an afternoon of Trivia.

Lunch at the Club is always good value with a wide choice of Asian and western meals, lunch specials or a la carte.  We then adjourned to the back room to be welcomed by new Social Convenor Joe, Trivia Queen Lyn, Assistant Elizabeth and Scorers Lesley and Bev.

I sat at a table with two of our most long-standing members, Meriel and Grant and two of our newest members Kay and Barry.  Great to see several other new members amongst the crowd.

Karen C won the day for her team by earning a bonus 10 points for knowing the latitude and longitude of Batemans Bay (35 degrees south, 150 degrees east).

Thanks to everyone for the jokes, the chocolate and the good natured competition.

Karen M