Maloneys Beach – Murramarang National Park

Sunday 7 April 2019

Photo by Karen

A lovely autumn day for a pleasant Murramarang National Park walk. There were twelve of us, ten members and two visitors, the bush was lovely and fresh after the rain and there was a variety of fungus to be seen both on old trees (these have the common name of Curry Punk due to their colour) as well as others not so vibrant raising their heads through the undergrowth. Flowers were scarce but the Pittosporum revolutum with its amazing golden yellow seed pods were on show.

Amazing views along the coast and west to mountains and the colour of the sea and the golden sands on the north side of Bay was enticing. A visit to the Canoe Tree another highlight of this walk and the welcoming committee of the local kangaroo & wallaby population as we returned to our cars was overwhelming. We finished our walk with lunch at Maloneys Beach – all agreed it had been a great walk.