Maloneys Murramarang Circuit

Sunday 16 July 2017

Photos by Carol & Karen M

A sunny crisp morning encouraged 26 members to head out with leaders Bob and Joan to make our way from Maloneys Beach into the Murramarang National Park.

The track led through attractive forest where we stopped for a morning tea break, and then made our way to a headland with fine views of the coast.

From there we headed cross country to find the promised surprise of an indigeous canoe tree where many photos were taken.  The theory is that the bark for the canoe was cut by one man standing on the shoulders of another to remove the bark with a stone axe and wooden mallet as he defined the edges with stone wedges. Bark canoes were used by Aboriginals for fishing in calm waters or for crossing rivers, and holes in the bark were patched with glue made from Xanthorea grass trees.

The group then headed back through the bush and down to the beach for lunch before returning to the Maloneys Beach via a clifftop track.  A most enjoyable walk in great company.