Malua Bay to McKenzies Beach with Pink Pool

Wednesday 28 August 2019

Photos by Helen and Mary

The Bay Bushwalkers always like a coast walk and this was no exception as 22 hikers turned up to see the coast between Malua Bay and McKenzies beach. The walk crossed the beach and then hugs the cliff top where the edge of the cliff and property boundary fences are sometimes less than 2 metres apart. With cliff erosion this track will be inaccessible in the coming years. The views from the cliff top to the north and south are truly spectacular.

Our Leader Mark always adds a ‘feature’ to this walk and being close to low tide we were able to traverse the shore platform to the south of McKenzies Beach to the famous ‘Pink Pool’. Spoiler Alert – the pink colour is not produced by the rock outcrops or someone’s attempt to create a gaudy coloured ocean swimming pool. The pink colours are algae growing on the rocks between low and high tide in a small section of the rock platform. Mark’s challenge before he leads this walk again is to have the Latin name of the algae ready to impress the walkers and visitors.