Meroo Lake Backwater

Thursday 16 February 2017

Photos by Philip 

Twenty two walkers set out on a warm sunny Thursday morning. An early start enabled the group to finish well before the mid-day heat set in. Starting close to the Pacific Highway, the walkers headed east through scattered forest towards the Lake, where a morning break was planned. Despite the size and sociability of the group, we were surprised to find that the wildlife was not frightened off by our presence. Early in the walk, a two metre long goanna posed artistically on a tree trunk, just above the heads of the tallest members of the group. And the break by the sandy lake shore was interrupted by a small Black Snake, clearly uninterested in our noisy presence but seeking some shelter from the heating sun. Similarly the cries of Glossy Black Cockatoos, eventually spotted and identified with their red tail flashes, kept the group company on the return to the cars through thicker shadier forest. All in all, we had experienced a very pleasant morning nine kilometre stroll, ideal for this time of the year.