Merry Beach to Bawley Point

Thursday 17 November 2016

Photos by Mary M and Mary T

The mid week club walk of 18 members was from Merry Beach to Bawley Point, a distance of 9 km. A car shuffle ensured we did not have to walk twice this distance and allowed for a leisurely lunch at the end on the grassy reserve at the Bawley Point car park, picnic area.

The main features of this walk being magnificent beaches, expansive rock platforms and a trail through Murramarang Aboriginal Area. Of particular interest is the ‘midden’ grounds protected from damage by a raised, steel footpath. Our leader Mary M provided additional interesting details to the excellent information boards; by giving us some history of the early European settlement in the area that dates back to the mid 1800’s.

As added bonuses to the day, White Sea Eagles drifted over our heads and a large Sting Ray swam near a rock edge. A little judicial side stepping and hopping to avoid wet boots from incoming waves; added a degree of challenge and all to a backdrop of big waves and blue sky.

Thank you Mary and Stan for another delightful day. An old club walk but one that never fails to please.

Mary T