Micalong Creek, Wee Jasper Camp

Thursday 28 April – Tuesday 3 May 2016
Words by Rodney, Photos by Karen M and Rodney

On the Thursday afternoon thirteen campers arrived at the beautiful campsite at Micalong Creek, a stunningly picturesque spot on a tributary of the Goodradigbee River, west of Canberra across the Brindabellas. Upstream of the site, within two hundred metres were swimming holes and limestone cliffs, and the colours of the turning autumn trees brought vivid colour to the surroundings.

Over the following four days the walkers explored the Hume and Hovell walking track, including a visit to the summit of Mount Wee Jasper, and traced the footpaths beside the Goodradigbee River, over rock and and the trunks of trees washed down by storms and through blackberries.

While storms lashed the campers at night the daytime weather was delightful, bright and cool, ideal for walking in the region but, as the nights became cooler and cooler following a cold front, the evening campfire was a welcome opportunity to defrost. The whole group is looking forward to revisiting this delightful spot.

Grateful thanks to Camp Leader Len who spent the day before we arrived re-exploring the walks and clipping back the worst of the blackberries from some of the tracks.  He also transported a heap of wood to the camp so that we could have a blazing fire every evening at Happy Hour.