Mogo Forest with a Difference

Thursday 3 May 2018

Twenty walkers gathered at the southern end of Burri Road all ready for another great walk in the Mogo State Forest.  There are a myriad of tracks in this area, and though our leader Mark had mentioned that the walk was “hilly”, we were surprised just how many hills you could fit into a 10 km walk!

The walk took us through an area near Dunns Creek Road which was severely burned during a bushfire some 8 months back.    The forest floor was now thick with green bracken, and you could see where leaf litter was starting to accumulate.   In patches it was evident that fire had reached the crowns of the trees, but now many of those blackened trees were sprouting new exocormic growth.

With no breeze and the temperature rising we were all pleased to find a cool lunch spot in a little shaded gully.  Then it was just a couple of more hills back to the cars….or was that several more hills back to the cars!

A great walk with a special reward at the end….afternoon tea at the Leader’s home.