Mogo Hill Night Walk

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Greater Glider
By Toby Hudson – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 au,

As a passenger in the car of Ian and Lyn as we headed for the 7.30pm rendezvous with other members at Mogo Hill, I can honestly say that the strong rain on the car windscreen as we drove through Batemans Bay caused murmurs of possible disappointment if the walk needed to be cancelled.   HOWEVER, on arriving at the rendezvous point at Mogo Hill in the darkness there was not a drop of rain to be seen and happy smiles of relief.  Very soon two cars arrived from the Mogo group and 10 happy night walkers with very good torches began the first ever unique night walk in the club’s history.
As we walked we were advised to shine our torches into the tall tree tops with hopeful sightings of creatures of the night, amongst the hopes were a possible wombat, possum, quoll and owl.  And we were not disappointed because after walking down into a gully and then on the upward track the group were rewarded with sighting of pairs of small red eyes high in the tree canopy – all up four greater gliders, some micro bats, a couple of large flying foxes and a fascinating group of luminous white fungi on a tree stump seen clearly when all torches were switched off.

The walk concluded back at the cars where everyone switched off torches and enjoyed supper in the quiet, peaceful stillness of a moonlit night under the stars.  Thank you to Ian for this most enjoyable night walk.
Joan B