Mount Bushwalker and Goalhouse Pass

Sunday 8 April 2018


Photos by Carol and Mary

On Sunday 8th April 15 eager Batemans Bay bushwalkers set out for Mt Bushwalker on the escarpment behind Milton. Along the way we negotiated a steep descent down into Goalhouse Pass supposedly so named because of a few cattle rustlers who attempted to move cattle through the pass and up onto the plateau for grazing.  The rustlers ended up in detention in the enclosed pass. The descent down to the Pass was indeed worth the effort as we were rewarded with moss and lichen covered walls of rock towering above our heads. The floor was covered in tree ferns and moss covered logs together with the odd clump of orchids clinging desperately to overhead rock ledges.

Continuing on to Mt Bushwalker we were again treated to spectacular views across the valley towards The Castle, Biangee Wall and The Budawangs. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining and we could just see the cork of Pigeonhouse Mountain peeping up over Tianjara.

All in all a very spectacular walk which everyone thoroughly  enjoyed.