Musgrave Creek

Sunday 6 November 2016

As we 11 members led by “Dauntless” Pat began the descent to Musgrave Creek, we passed through large patches of Tetratheca Thymifolia, their masses of mauve flowers lending a summery feel to the dry bush. Once in the creek and heading downstream, we enjoyed many bird calls, and a Scarlet Honeyeater was sighted. There seem to be more of them than usual passing through this year, and they are a delight to see.

There were frequent colonies of Birds Nest ferns, usually grouped around one or more Soapy Box trees, and to prove this is an excellent season for native orchids, the delicate Sarcochilus Olivaceus were happily flowering. Further on, we found a lethargic Water Dragon. The reason for its inactivity was not clear, but it did seem on the skinny side, so we left it with a wish that it may find some of the abundant yabbies for dinner.

Another creature that kept us amused for a few minutes, as we tried to take photos, was a Short-Finned eel, but it was not as co-operative as the lizard.

All too soon it was time to begin the ascent to the cars, as the creek environs are addictive. However, the loss of the previous parking area near the top of the walk was a blessing in disguise, as we parked lower down the mountain, thereby having a shorter climb, albeit quite demanding in the hot sun. Baths & beer were the main topic, after congratulating Pat on another delightful walk.

Bob T