Navigation Day

Thursday 8 April and Friday 9 April 2021

Sixteen members of the Batemans Bay Bushwalking Club took part in the map and compass navigation course last week, developed and presented by Ian.

After receiving a very positive response to holding the course, Ian very kindly decided to offer it over two days, so that the groups would be more manageable. I was in the first group and certainly the smaller groups were much better.

Ian took us through the theory of navigating, positioning oneself, planning and following a route, using maps and compass to find our way.  There was more involved than I had expected and it was a good feeling, when one got that ‘light bulb moment’ and it all started coming together.

We put all of our theory and compass practice to the test after lunch, when Ian sent us off into the bush to find our way back to the cars.  With the thick undergrowth and no tracks, I, for one, was certainly glad I was getting the hang of using that compass!

Thank you Ian from all of your ‘students’.  We appreciate all of the planning and effort that you put into developing the Navigation Day and particularly splitting it up into two days to allow smaller group sizes.   In return, we promise to practice, practice, practice!