Nelligen to Batemans Bay Paddle

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Photos courtesy of Mary and Karen

With an outgoing tide, and a following breeze, our paddlers made easy work of the 12km kayak on the Clyde River from Nelligen to North Batemans Bay.

Most of the riverbank had been burned by the bushfires.  In some places where the fire was most fierce, regeneration is slow and it was a sobering reminder of that terrible time as we floated by.  However, it was a cool, clear, sunny day and perfect for mooching down the river, past the houseboats and extensive oyster leases.

As we approached Batemans Bay, the new bridge loomed above – today was the day they had begun to dismantle the old bridge structure and there was a lot of construction traffic, both on and off the water.  We avoided all that and pulled into the beach at North Batemans Bay for lunch on a grassy bank in the sun.