No Name Mountain

Saturday 22 July 2017

Photos by Brian & Ian

Six BBBW members – Dave, Rob, Amanda, Ian, Brian, and guest Martin – walked to the top of No Name Mountain to see perhaps why it is named No Name Mountain.  The verdict?  Well, we’re still wondering.  But then, it was a perfect winter’s day for climbing mountains so what the hell?

We left the coastal valleys, heavy with frost, and drove to the upper Buckenbowra River area where we left the cars at 200 m asl.  After a short jaunt up a forestry road we launched into a ridgetop Silvertop Ash forest and walked up a main ridge southward to the Mountain’s summit of 720 metres.  There was no clear commanding view, only filtered glimpses of the Monga range to the west and surrounding Gollaribee, Wandera, Bolaro and Misty Mountains.

Descending a separate ridge to the east we encountered one of the few highlights of the walk, a large rock outcrop with an appropriate population of epiphytes, and enjoyed an open tall forest of Yellow Stringybark and Mountain Grey Gum.

Bouncing out onto the No Name Mountain Fire Trail we quickly lost 500 metres elevation and found our cars for the journey home.

This was a pleasantly strenuous walk, mostly ridgetop, with light undergrowth but often with a heavy litter layer.  It cleaned out the cardiovascular plumbing nicely.  Some might say scoured.