North Durras and Discovery Trail

Sunday 23 September 2018

Photos by Carol

Once again 17 of our hearty bushwalkers led by Lesley set off to enjoy the wonderful bushland of the Murramarang National Park.

Leaving our camel train at North Durras Lake (currently closed by sandbanks) we wandered along the lake foreshore – over between two caravan parks and down into the back lake walking trail along the rear corner of  Durras Lake  where the Discovery Trail is located.  The group meandered along the lake shores checking out lyre bird scratchings and listening to other bird calls – ending up on one of the DiscoveryTrail pathways at a pleasant log area for morning tea.

Starting back along the trail some of the group enjoyed going to the top of a timber lookout built among the semi-rainforest CabbageTree Palms and large Spotted Gums to a creek where a flock of twittering silver eye birds were enjoying the water in a small creek pond.  Then onwards and over the hill returning to the lake and our camel cars. A very relaxing experience enjoyed by all.