North Durras – Depot Beach Circuit

Sunday 30 April 2017

Photos by Mary T

This walk was led by Carol and numbered 17 participants including one visitor. The convoy of 4 cars travelled up the Princes Highway then branched off on Mt Agony Road to North Durras. Excellent walking conditions, a perfect day around 21 degrees. Walked along the beach then took a marked track up a fairly stiff climb to a lookout overlooking the beach.

Retraced our steps then followed a number of interconnecting tracks  leading to a gentle descent to Depot Beach. Tame kangaroos on sight. At Depot Beach we took a forest walk through the ancient Littoral forest, in refreshing coolness. Lunch was had overlooking Depot Beach, after which we made a further climb before reaching the main road that led us back to our starting point at North Durras.

The walk took about 4 hours and covered a distance of just over 10 kms

John M