North Durras Lake Walking Trail

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Photos by Donna and Karen

Mary T led 11 walkers on a very pleasant 15km hike along the shores of Durras Lake. The well-defined trail took us through some majestic Spotted Gum groves with numerous sites where we met the shoreline and a number of walkers reached for their cameras. While we tend to be a noisy crowd it did not stop the birds chatting continuously as we moved through their territory.

The trail skirted along the edge of the caravan park and back into forest where we emerged at the lake edge for lunch. Apart from a few noisy fishing boats moving about the scene was idyllic with paddlers providing a splash of colour on the water. We had the mandatory sea eagle fly by inspecting things.

On the return trip Mary showed us a bower bird structure adorned with every blue bottle top and peg the male could steal from the caravan park. I trust the females were impressed. Everyone agreed that this was a very enjoyable walk and with no hills would be an ideal walk for our Easy and Medium members to enjoy.