North Narooma Mines

Sunday 18 October 2020

Photos courtesy of Philip and Erika

The small pocket of state forest adjacent to North Narooma is not an area previously explored by Batemans Bay Bushwalkers.  However, we had heard about the location of some old mine shafts and infrastructure so we went in to take a look on Sunday.  Unfortunately the area has been used as a car dumping ground for many years – we came across at least 6 rusting vehicles, one quite a recent addition.  We were also dismayed to see a high point overlooking the inlet currently being used for dumping rubbish. 

We managed to escape the interfering hand of man by leaving the main tracks and cutting through the bush to the mining area.  This consists of several horizontal shafts, as well as some concrete structures probably used as footings for machinery.  There are also 2 areas of vertical shafts, fenced in to prevent people from falling in.

Finally we walked to Lewis Island, connected to the mainland by a boardwalk, to enjoy the clear waters of Wagonga Inlet.