Pigeon House Mountain

Thursday 19 September 2019

Photos by Erika & Philip

Our small group set out up the first steep section of the climb with a small possibility of rain ahead. We stopped for morning tea at a rock outcrop just before the flatter central section of the walk.

Once we reached the flat section we were greeted by an abundance of pink, mauve and yellow wild flowers lining the track. The vegetation and the drooping flowers were bejewelled with droplets of water from the earlier rain. Our desire to stop, admire and photograph the floral displays pleasantly slowed our progress for some time.

As we neared the second steep section of the climb the mist closed in and light rain began to fall. The rain continued on and off, as we continued our ascent, and the clouds covered the top of the mountain. Upon reaching the base of the ladders, that would take us to the summit lookout, we could only just make out the outline of the rocks above. The rain stopped as we carefully climbed the wet steel staircases and a patch of blue sky opened as we reached the top. However the clouds continued to sweep across the mountain, and as we had our lunch we were only afforded a few fleeting glimpses of the landscape beyond.

After lunch we retraced the route back down the many steps, through the fresh moist smells of the bush and the enchanting wild flowers, to the start of the walk.