Point Upright Rock Platforms

Thursday 1 November 2018

Photos by Erika and Mary

Philip and Erica led 13 walkers on a hike to the rock platforms and lookouts at Point Upright (Depot Beach) on a day with optimal low tide conditions. The weather was very kind to us with warm conditions and the winds only starting to get strong at the walk end.

We started the walk at the Depot beach car park and proceeded along the beach to the rock platforms. The soft sediments have been eroded by the ocean to create a large flat platform and very tall cliffs. We could see evidence of ‘drop stones’ from icebergs that floated over this area of shallow seas in the Permian 250Million years ago. We also saw fossil molluscs in the rocks exposed by all the erosion.

We then climbed up the steep path to the cliff top and enjoyed great vistas from a new viewing platform erected by the Shire. Being November we saw the obligatory whale cavorting in the waters as it headed south for summer. The trail then took us back through a forest of spotted gums to the carpark where we heard a few crows making a huge racket in the bush and discovered a large goanna strolling through like he owned the place and a water dragon in a pond who showed us only his nose.

This is a great walk if you have visitors from out of town or overseas, not too long, interesting views and forest vegetation.  “Calm Bay’ facing Durras would also make a great safe swimming spot in summer.