Pretty Beach Durras Mountain Circuit

Wednesday 2 June 2021

Photos courtesy of Amanda and Brian

On a lovely, fine morning, six walkers set out from Pretty Beach campground on the long, steady climb up the northern slopes of Mt Durras.

Only recently re-opened after the bushfires, this track revealed plenty of evidence of the devastation that occurred here however the path remained clear all the way to the summit where morning tea was enjoyed basking in the sunshine in the clearing where a  farmstead once stood.

The descent to Clear Point was slightly more difficult than it had once been. In areas where the tree canopy had been burnt, sunlight has poured in and onto the forest floor, allowing weeds and vines to take hold and thrive. This will be an ongoing challenge for bushwalkers and for Parks management.

Lunch was taken at Snake Bay and the remaining section of the walk back to Pretty Beach was punctuated by whale sightings and wonderful coastal views all the way down to Gulaga.