South Durras Headlands Afternoon Walk

Sunday 23 February 2020

Photo provided by Ainslie

As a change to the usual morning start this walk began for 13 members and four visitors in the afternoon on a perfect late summer day.  Ainslie  and Mike explained the route to be taken on the map and began by leading to the beach and along to the rock platform below Mill Point.

From this point on as we walked over the rocks, there was interesting information given by Mike as to the variation in patterns of rock formation caused as ancient ice bergs melted and stones and rocks fell from their base into the softer rock material on the floor of the sea bed.  

At one location we were shown the formation of a horizontal ancient tree trunk now seen as fossilised wood embedded into the cliff face.  This area of rock cliffs now form the most southern area of the Sydney sandstone basin.

The track took us around Wasp Head, through bush and along beaches to Dark Beach where at the southern end there were steps leading up to the track through Burrawangs, now recovered from drought conditions, and finally back to the cars.  Several walkers remained to enjoy a cuppa and early picnic dinner – our grateful thanks to Ainslie and Mike for this beautiful and informative walk.