South Durras

Wednesday 3 February 2016

Photos by Donna

Starting from the carpark at the South Durras ocean boat ramp, Ainslie and Mike took 18 other members and 2 visitors on a 5km morning circuit around Wasp Head at South Durras.  At Mill Beach the group passed the site of the timber mill closed down in 1929, the only visible relic being the remains of the boiler which powered the milling machinery.

Wasp Head is a noted site of geological interest, and Mike, with welcome input from Rob, explained the features and the processes that produced them.  Glacial “drop-stones”, marine fossils, a volcanic dyke, and intricate patterns of ironstone were among the features seen.

The day was fine and the magnificent coastal scenery was looking at its best.  The route took us south as far as the cliffs above Dark Beach, where we paused to admire the view north across Beagle Bay to Mount Durras, with Pretty Beach visible in the far distance.