Sugarloaf Creek to Valerie’s Spa Pools

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Photos by Donna

Nine walkers set out midweek to walk up a very low Sugarloaf Creek, to visit the Spa Pools.  This is an unusual phenomenon where a waterfall cascades into remarkably shaped stone bowls to create the appearance of giant natural spa pools, and this was the case in past years.  Lack of rain had 2 effects.

Although a worthy ambition, it led us to unexpected difficulties, including the usual slips, trips and falls, and difficult slopes.  We found that, although our records indicated the distance to be about 5 km to the target, it was 6.5 km of hard going to the given grid reference.  Another interesting aspect was that map inaccuracies in conflict with GPS readings led us to feel we were in the wrong tributary, so we began to doubt our information, but our explorations found no other likely stream.

By that time most of us were unable to find the energy to search further up the tributary for the elusive pools, not that it mattered much as there was only a dribble of water.  We opted to bail out and take an escape route up to Misty Mountain Road.  There was no escape from the hard going, as it was steep and tough, loose and difficult.

Thanks to the good humoured, cooperative and determined attitude of the team of walkers accompanying me, we made it back to the cars, albeit tired and sore from our exertions and the very long day.